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Bill Allen recreates his role as Cruz Jones in the 1986 film Rad, in which he brings Daniel to the reunion on a bicycle. Fashion Theme: Casual Jackets Web Redemption for The Average Homeboy; Mel Gibson stops by for an interview; Daniel gets an i Pad, and he attempts to break the world record for chair jumping and jumps rope from his hands and knees in the segment "I'm Better Than You. Fashion Theme: Casual Jackets Web redemption for the Phillies Fan's daughter.

Jem and the Holograms is a 2015 American musical fantasy drama film co-produced and directed by Jon M.

Femme - Women Who Inspire Photography Exhibition Now until March 12 at Fox Photo Den Studio, 34 Union St, South Lismore Fox Photo Den celebrates with an exhibition of environmental portraits of local women who inspire; to be better, to do better.

An exhibition of women who make your hearts glow and your faces grin.

Fashion Theme: Hoodies Web Redemption for Drunk basketball dunker; Daniel's Popcorn Challenge; Tommy Chong in "Weed vs. Hilarious ;0 Winner of the Reh Dogg Greenscreen Remix Challenge announced.

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The reunion involves an appearance by Alan Thicke who originally hosted them.The four girls frequently videotape themselves playing music and wearing colorful 80's outfits just for fun, but Jerrica is too shy to sing on camera.Jerrica learns one day that due to Aunt Bailey's financial problems their house will be auctioned.Adam Kepler also shows up for hugs and kisses Kato Kaelin mocking Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat.Web Redemption for Afro Ninja Mark Allen Hicks who had problems with his backflip while auditioning for a Nike commercial.; Daniel's Extreme Salvia Challenge which involves Daniel attempting the Saltine cracker challenge and the cinnamon challenge, while on Salvia, after which he attempts to crack 100 coconuts, all in under one minute; Dave Attell and Bree Olson play beer pong.10% of all sales will be donated to the Lismore Womens & Children's Refuge 10am-4pm weekdays, 10am-2pm weekends. Open House Free Trials Now until March 12 at Curves, 2/155 Keen Street Lismore Curves will be open to Festival attendees and their friends and family for free introductory workout trials for the duration of the Festival.

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