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They both raise cats and they also both enjoy flower arrangement as a hobby.They are a couple that anyone can relate to on many levels and would be envious of." If what this insider says is true, then best wishes to the couple!

She went on to say that he's not but that some of his actions gave her pause.

Kim Kardashian, 35, has had several famous exes she could have turned to when she wanted to have a child, and since she froze her eggs, she may have asked one of them to become a baby daddy. magazine, Kim froze her eggs in 2012 when she was worried about her ticking biological clock, and had an ex fertilize one before she got with Kanye.

“There’d been buzz that Kim had frozen some embryos, which she’d created with an ex-boyfriend’s sperm, so she could have a baby when she was ready.” So who could the daddy be?

“Kim and Faith talk often and no doubt shared a laugh today,” our insider adds.

Things were pretty crazy back in the day when they were both Bad Boy Records label mates and Biggie — real name Christopher Wallace — had so much love for both women.

North’s daddy definitely is a man of color so the NFL star could be a candidate.

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