Who is juanita bynum dating


Shabba’s looks were perhaps most famously teased by US comedy actor Marlon Wayans, who parodied the deejay’s…

Televangelist and gospel singer Juanita Bynum has made no secret of the life she led before she found “purpose and destiny” through Christ.

Describing herself as sexually abused when she was a girl and neglected and abandoned as a young wife, Meyer has remade herself into one of the nation's best-known and best-paid TV preachers.

She has taken her ``prosperity through faith'' message to millions.

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Her sermon, won her many fans including Mary J Blige.(Robert Cohen/P-D) Joyce Meyer says God has made her rich.Everything she has came from Him: the million corporate jet, her husband's 7,000 silver-gray Mercedes sedan, her million home and houses worth another million for her four children -- all blessings, she says, straight from the hand of God.You’ve probably heard the old joke: What are the three rings of marriage?The engagement ring, the wedding ring and the suffering.Some even offered to be his wife.“There are some very adamant women,” says Weeks’ associate, Minister Guy Reeves of Global Destiny. Weeks like many others who have approached me about their strong desire to be Bishop Weeks’ wife.”Weeks says he is opening his life to his followers so they can get a Christian perspective on dating and coping with the desire for intimacy.“What kind of advice would you give me about the new Mrs. ” he asks on a Web site promo of the episode.“We will probably find in due time who is that perfect woman for me,” Weeks says. Heck they don't even have to ask, Black women just have to HOPE that they MAY think about asking one day. Threw her out of a car, tried to destroy her entire career and then had the audacity to write about it and then "withdrew" his book. Until you do you will be preyed upon and engage in absolute complete and total foolishness like offering yourself ( or your innocent children) up like a golden calf to a man. Any woman that will choose to get with a convicted wife beater is sicker than Thomas Weeks. How can you want a man who refused to take responsibility for beating his wife? Sadly enough, people came out of the woodworks to support this fool.

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