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Thanks to movies like Animal House and Old School the very words conjure up pictures of wild parties and crazy college students, but these movies have created a picture that is not entirely accurate.

Fraternities and sororities are “value-based organizations dedicated to the development of character and lifelong friendships.” Greeks don’t only behave like the movies portray but also have a positive influence on campus, are known for their philanthropic efforts, academic achievement, and community building.

Alexander became King of both Macedonia and Greece in 336 B. He went ahead with his father’s plans to conquer Persia.

The knot is famous because an oracle had said that whoever should undo this knot would conquer Persia.The man or woman of aret is a person of the highest effectiveness; they use all their faculties: strength, bravery, wit, and deceptiveness, to achieve real results. When he was a child, he tamed a wild horse by figuring out that the horse was only scared of his shadow.The concept implies a human-centered universe in which human actions are of paramount importance; the world is a place of conflict and difficulty, and human value and meaning is measured against individual effectiveness in the world. Your goal will be to gather enough specific information to design the 8th Wonder of the World: A monument to the Ancient Greeks, a civilization whose shadow extends well beyond the limited time they culturally ruled the world. So Alexander made the horse face the sun, got on him and started to ride.Christo’s is a Greek restaurant that opened in 1964 on the East Side of Brockton, and it quickly became a landmark for the best Greek food around the South Shore area of Massachusetts.In particular, Christos is famous for their Greek Salad – so much so that former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis named Christo’s owner, Chris Tsanganis, the “Greek Salad King” – and the name proudly stuck!This ranking was made based on the following criteria: • Percentage of students enrolled in Greek life. • Greek organizations must be chapters of National organizations, such as, but not limited to, the Panhellenic Conference, Interfraternity Council, or Multi-Cultural Greek Council.

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