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Police officials said they are also considering extending the geographical reach of the injunctions because gang members have shifted criminal activity to new areas and newer members have risen in prominence since the injunctions were obtained in 2001.

Police officials emphasized Monday that they are just at the start of the process, which could take several months to a year.

illustrate that there was still not a complete picture of what was happening at most institutions, but that the majority of the postdoctoral workforce was due to see salary raises.

Our most recent data showed that 69% of postdocs would have salaries raised (at 87 institutions); 6% of postdocs may have seen salaries raised or have hours tracked (at 19 institutions); 3% of postdocs would be hourly (at 12 institutions); and for 22% of postdocs we simply did not yet know (from 220 institutions).

) to deal with, and will no longer be a violation of federal labor law.Escondido police would not identify the individuals or say how many they will target for inclusion on the injunction. David Mankin did say that all those now being considered for the injunction are currently in custody awaiting trial for various offenses.Police said they are considering changes to the injunction in response to a spike in gang-related crime, including November's stabbing death of Rene Chavez-Vasquez, Escondido's first apparent gang-related homicide in four years.Currently, based on regulations from 2004, in order for white-collar employees to be exempt from overtime requirements, they must meet certain job duties-related tests and, with few exceptions, be paid on a salary basis at a rate of at least 5 per week (,660 per year).The new rule nearly doubles the weekly guaranty threshold to 4 per week (,500 per year).Likewise, it remains to be seen if the preliminary injunction will survive an appeal by the DOL to the U. Employers that have been engaged in efforts to ensure compliance with the new rule by the Dec.

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