Updating 3dr network

12th-18th June 2017 is Cervical Screening Awareness Week, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of cervical screening for women of all ages and its role in preventing cancer, to encourage women to go for their screening test when invited or to contact their GP to ensure they are up-to-date with their screening.Did you Know: For further information, please visit the Jo's Trust website or watch this video for women with mild and moderate learning disabilities.The NDA checks whether people with diabetes are getting good care by collecting infomation from GP practices and hospitals.The use of this information is controlled by law and strict rules of confidentiality.It's designed to operate in the background, automatically keeping your system safe and running smoothly.

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And you won’t ever be safe from broken or incompatible updates.

The module provides GPS only reception which is fully sufficient in all areas around the world.

However, some pilots reported long satellite acquisition times to get a fix even in non-obscured locations.

Steyning Health Centre is taking part in an important national project about diabetes care and treatment in the NHS.

The project is called the National Diabetes Audit (NDA).

We will take you through the steps here with an excellent video at the end.

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