The dating disasters of sirius black speed dating liverpool reviews

The genre and word count will also be noted if available. A History of R/S in 2½ Acts [FA or LJ] by minnow_53 R.

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Having spent most of his life far from the UK, Draco returns to his mother's house after the death of his wife, to reconnect with her, and let her get to know his son. And it's no surprise they both are immediately enamoured of the adorable guitarist of the Beatles Cover Band Sirius has dragged them to see.

Desperate to keep a job with the Prophet after the years old scandal Lucius caused, Draco agrees to get the scoop on the biggest gossip story of the century-- The Divorce of Quidditch-Star Harry Potter. "I'm dating James Potter." Sirius, of course, refuses to believe James and Regulus could ever be a thing. James is hesitant to pursue a relationship with a muggle, but Sirius is determined to see this through. Every time I remember I have to live the rest of my life without him, I feel like I’m drowning.

Fair warning: I cried for about a day after this ended.

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Accidentally In Love Not much to say that I haven’t already said about everything else; cute, absolutely hilarious, with a perfectly goofy narration from Sirius’s point of view. The Dating Disasters of Sirius Black A really, really interesting fic largely because it is neither PWP nor is it fluffy-romance; it contains bits and pieces of polyarmory, jealousy, and a very good idea of how ridiculously complicated teenage relationships can really be.

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