Shu qi and leon lai dating

The couple first met on the set of 1997’s Bishonen Though Stephen and Shu Qi did not have much screen time together in the film, they immediately clicked off screen.In a personal documentary released in 2006, Stephen went in depth about his close friendship with Shu Qi, and said, “I met her in 1997. Shu Qi is someone with a very natural disposition; she doesn’t hide her feelings.Shu Qi, who was photographed without make-up even told reporters cheekily to airbrush the photos before publishing them.Shu Qi was previously linked to singers Leon Lai and Wang Lee Hom, as well as actors Shawn Yue and Chang Chen.Fung was quick to add that Shu Qi wasn't pregnant, quashing any rumours that may arise from the private wedding.

Her most tabloid-worthy romance was with Leon Lai, one of Cantopop's Four Heavenly Kings.Check out these rich and famous leftover women in Asia, or the more apt moniker "golden spinsters." Wild child Shu Qi has famously said that her clearest childhood memories were of being chased by her father with a stick.She was a naughty one who needed to be beaten into submission. When she turned 16, she capitalized on her physical assets and became a star in soft porn.When I first met her, I took the initiative and asked for her phone number.”As both Stephen and Shu Qi lived close by, they often met up.Stephen became Shu Qi’s go-to technician, as Shu Qi would always him to fix her house’s electronics.See full summary » (Mandarin with English subtitles) A paralegal (Angelababy) is sent on a undercover mission to inspect You Lele (Eddie Peng), the young owner of a stunning beach resort suspected of illegal ...

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