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To gain a rare insight into this disturbing trend the 7.30 Report, with police co-operation, joined a series of recent undercover arrests in Victoria. UNDERCOVER POLICE OFFICER: He's wearing a black jacket, cream pants. A relatively new form of paedophilia known as cyber-grooming.But as he nears his target the eager suspect has no idea how many undercover police are watching his every move.It used to be really popular but now its practically dead. Although it was good to kill time, and I learned a lot from idling in numerous channels, I certainly don't miss it.I used to love the good old days of austnet, and I really miss it. Australian chat rooms are nearly non existent, especially after MSN closed down their chat rooms. At the start it was fun, but towards the end I just found it sad that people sat on it all day long.Writing about a topic such as cheating, it's difficult not to delve into the morality side of things.Given cheating is such a contentious issue, it's hard to talk about this without touching on values and morals. Studies tell us that approximately 15% of men and women within monogamous relationships have cheated.

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There are still many really popular IRC rooms though.

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Certainly I'm not exonerating men from this equation but this article is written to assist men with ways to detect and perhaps stop married women who cheat before it tears your life apart.

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