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Plus, the only limit to the amount of fun you have really is your imagination.

However, maybe you’re not really that interested in the typical role-playing scenarios like sexy nurse and patient or teacher and student.

If you and your partner are both interested in some particular characters, you can use them to spice up your sex life in ways you never thought possible.

Instead, the average duration of sex is closer to 5 minutes.

In fact, the biggest increase in your heart rate and blood pressure during sex only occurs for about 15 seconds during orgasm, and then things quickly return back to normal.

Nerve-sparing surgery was out of the question, and due to complications, part of the penile shaft was removed.“You look down and go, holy smoke. I was left with about a half-inch of male tool,” he says.

Still no erection Glen, 64, a Vancouver computer programmer, was diagnosed four years ago with an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

Stanfill's trafficker and alleged murderer have both been arrested, but it all came too late. Cause she was never going to leave a situation unless she knew everyone she loved was ok.” Cynthia Salazar describes her daughter Tobi Stanfill as strong minded and selfless. " December was the last time Tobi came home to her grandparents' house. "I said, ' Tob,i I think one of your friends are trying to get a hold of you,'" explained Salazar. I'll be leaving tonight.'" It was a red flag then that’s now a clear picture. I knew Monday when they had it on the news.” At 20 years old, Tobi was gone.

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