Sandara park and g dragon dating 2016


The youngest member, Yoon Sanha, is the vocal of the group with an unpredictable and cute charm.Han Mi-Mo (Jang Na-Ra), Baek Da-Jung (You Da-In), Go Dong-Mi (Yoo In-Na) and Hong Ae-Ran (Seo In-Young) were once members of idol group “Angels.” Han Mi-Mo now works as a rep for a remarriage consulting business. Her former bandmate Baek Da-Jung is also a rep at the same company. Hong Ae-Ran is a representative for an internet shopping mall. Song Soo-Hyuk (Jung Kyoung-Ho) is a reporter and a single father.I don't understand why other people didn't like him.You can't dislike him simply because he didn't know how to treat Mi Mo as a girlfriend, or because you liked Soo Hyuk better.

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Sometimes I wish that dramas would stop being about who should belong with who or not, but about what relationships bring us and how people grow with it. Jung kyoung ho is so handsome and adorable great acting on showing his emotions of love to jang na ra!!! 2nd male lead is so handsome as well..kdrama is one of the most romantic i've seen!!!

As he got no answer, he went to his office personally to achieve his intention.

It has met a warning for the kissing scene the two lead has done.

IBTimes reported that male lead and rising Hallyu actor Park Bo Gum has posted on his twitter a video of him thanking everybody who watched the drama.

Ha participado en la industria musical desde pequeño.

"'Astro means 'star' in Spanish, so the group was named that so they can be stars to those who love them," Fantagio explained according to a report by Sports World. Leader Jinjin is the rapper of the group and is said to have extraordinary beatboxing and drum skills.

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