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Web RTC supplies three APIs for developers: The first API, Get User Media, identifies and captures the end-user microphone and camera for use in video chat.There has been quite some buzz around Facebook’s Messenger platform lately. Almost daily, you can read new articles about chatbots, conversational interfaces, digital assistants, AI and messaging platforms.It is a new channel that can be used to engage with an audience via automated processes.Whether it's corporations or governments, digital surveillance today is widespread.because they could change the entire advertising industry through integrated marketing. While some engage and delight consumers, most of them have not yet proven their value to the masses.And the best part is they provide access to digital services without the need of installing an app. In fact, beyond the tech scene, most people don’t even know what a chatbot is and what it is good for. They want their needs to be fulfilled the most efficient and natural way.I would prefer to provide this from within the browser, so I'm looking for a Java- or Flash-based solution.Also, it would be nice to spare bandwidth by having the clients stream their audio and video data without using a central server (like the way Skype works, for example).

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Thanks to the new Send/Receive API, these chatbots can send not only text but also structured messages, including images, hyperlinks and CTA buttons, within their customer interactions. They can be an entirely new way to engage your customers by providing personalized, interactive communication similar to talking to a human while being able to scale for the masses.Web RTC will enable real-time video communications in browsers without requiring the downloads, plug-ins or installs that have slowed end-user adoption of proprietary video technologies.As a result, Web RTC has the ability reach the billion-plus existing Internet-connected mobile devices, in addition to every PC and Mac with an installed browser, says Rob Arnold, senior industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan.They have the potential to increase user engagement and satisfaction for a brand.Eventually, they can perform more complex tasks than requesting a taxi or booking flights.This shows that a core underlying principle should not be forgotten when creating the next semi-intelligent chatbot: No one actually wants to talk to a bot. What they don’t want is to type in a message on their small smartphone keyboards just to see the bot doesn’t understand it again and again.

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