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It is great fun and is very successful – we have now run more than 5,000 successful events and introduced literally tens of thousands of couples since our very first event in 2003, so it could work well for you too.Publish the event in your organization's newsletter.This should ideally occur between one month and two weeks before the event, allowing your readers long enough to plan for it but not long enough to forget about it. Announcing the event electronically is (generally speaking) free and very efficient, making a large group of people aware of it at a keystroke.At the end of the night they will all have met every opposite. Once you get the results, allow 24-72 hours to inform guest of their matches. Non mutual interests are voided discretely without anyone feeling put on the spot, or rejected.They keep track of guest they would like to meet on the note card. Once all rounds are complete, guest turn their note cards in to you. How to Charge Depending on the venue selection and targeted audience, I would suggest charging anywhere from to per person at your speed dating event, starting out.Make sure that all your advertising materials explicitly state that this is a speed dating event, when and where it is to take place, and what the crowd will be like (Jewish singles, senior citizens).

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