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Iliyasu said the gang was responsible for the death of more than 20 people in the area.

Despite this compelling evidence that lesbian and bisexual adolescent women are at risk for teen pregnancy, programs tailored to the unique needs of adolescent LGB women are nonexistent.ok so im only 14 years old and me and my boyfriend had sex but it was like kinda butt sex as some call it I guess? yer I no she is only 14 but she asked because she has already done it she wannted to no and all you lot are doin is havin a go I no people younger that her havin sex yer I have tried talkin to them but it is their life no 1 elses answer to your question if any c*m went near your vaginal opening then their is a chance but if not you have nout to worrie bout No you cant get pregnant during anal unless it slides down to your hole ejaculation then your f'd your 14 mama shouldn't you be playin jump rope going to the mall gettin posters and shyt...remember im 14 and dont really understand a lot about this lol,well anyways I was wondering by just doing that without using any protection,is their any way of getting pregnet? My opinion is that you shouldn't be havin sex if you gotta ask a question like that.Having sex unprotected leads to STDS, HIV and/or AIDS, and yes a possible pregnancy. she's asked for help not to lectured about how young she is to be doing this!!! okay no you can't get pregnant from [email protected] sex, unless of corse as noted early cum get on or near the v*gina...highly unlikely still possible. If he pulls out and does it near your vagina than there is a chance you can.more important question is do you have a chance of having an std? First of all, why are you having sex when you're only 14? Well, remember you should be deciding whether or not you have sex in your vagina or in your butt. If he didn't place his penis in your vagina at all then there is no chance. If he did then it is possible to get pregnant even if e didn't ejauclate inside your vagina.He said, “I killed my mother because she had been demanding sex persistently from me. On a particular Tuesday, two of us were at home; she was in the kitchen when I walked up to her, stabbed her in the stomach and she died.

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