Florida law mandating child abuse


"So the role that abortion plays, or birth control, treatment for an STD or even a pregnancy test, those are evidence that a child is engaged in sexual activity.""Obviously, if she's not engaged in sexual activity, she doesn't need birth control, abortion, treatment for an STD or a pregnancy test," he asserted."So, if you have a child there that's demonstrating that she's sexually active, and you have reason to believe that she's also beneath the state's age of consent, that triggers mandatory reporting. How else can a girl that's 13 years old need an abortion unless she's sexually active?A copy of the federal judge's order can be found by clicking here.The case will now proceed to be determined on the merits.Of course, it's important to have school building safety addressed also, but they are not one and the same.(Just a little note and opinion: Sometimes there is some confusion about "act's of hate" vs. If someone is an adult, or old enough to know better, and they are terrorizing someone based on a prejudice, or a desire to personally attack and injure someone based on a prejudice, that's HATE!)No State Superintendent, School district, School, or even individual for that matter, likes to be left with no instruction on how to implement a project, program, policy or law.An anti bullying law can be enacted without direct funding (no fiscal impact), but no anti bullying policy can be enacted without directions, rules, or a path to follow.(See Washington law for an anti bullying law with no fiscal impact - A good law involves education specialists at all levels, starting with the State Superintendent's (Education) office, though the School Districts, Schools, Parents and Students.

European-America is being stolen; with hardly any notice or opposition, white, European America is being deconstructed.Most appellate and post-conviction cases result in adverse decisions, meaning that the client loses, and the majority of state appellate cases are decided by the court without a published decision, referred to as a per curiam affirmed decision sometimes leaving the client with no further avenue of relief. Department of Justice study done in 2000 for all federal criminal appeals from 1985-1999 showed that defendants had a substantially better chance of reversal on appeal if they had privately retained counsel than if they used court appointed counsel.However, this harsh reality makes it all the more important that a client choose his or her appellate or post-conviction counsel carefully, to insure that the best possible appellate or post-conviction brief or motion is presented to the court to increase the chance of success in what is in any event a difficult process. Kent cannot assure any client of success in his or her appeal or post-conviction proceeding but can only assure the client that he will use his very best efforts to achieve the best possible outcome for the client. April 23, 2017, a Florida Circuit Court accepted a negotiated disposition of a state 3.850 post conviction relief (habeas) motion for Mr. H., which reduced a 10 year prison sentence to just under 5 years and 7 months.And the abortion clinic did not report the crime to authorities like they're required to under law."He continued, "This is not just a theoretical thing going on, there are real victims out here.This is a major, major problem in our country."Although staff at abortion clinics are supposed to report suspected cases of abuse when an adult brings in a child who's under the age of consent for an abortion, they're also required to report any suspected sexual abuse when minors go into clinics for birth control or treatment for an STD."Abortion doesn't have anything to do with it, really — abortion, birth control, STD treatment, whatever — what you have to have is reasonable suspicion that a child who's beneath the state's age of consent is sexually active," Crutcher explained.All over the South, America’s history, monuments, heritage, identity and culture is being erased.

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