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Perhaps this is why reading the love letters of others is so fascinating.

In the introduction to his book , a collection of romantic and touching correspondence between some of the greatest historical figures of the last several centuries, David Lowenhertz writes, “Sometimes nothing speaks louder than a silent word written on a piece of paper.” He goes on to explain that the act of writing, unlike some of our more speedy forms of communication today, offers those communicating the chance to reflect on the ways in which they wish to express the secrets of their hearts.

To receive a love letter, a deeply touching and reflective expression of someone’s true feelings for you and the description of your relationship that is contained in that letter, speaks to our hearts in indescribable ways.

I don’t believe that there is a more revealing way to understand one’s story than through love letters.

The Sacred Scriptures, on the other hand, are most fittingly likened to a honeycomb, for while in the simplicity of their language they seem dry, within they are filled with sweetness. Victor, Everybody enjoys a good love story, particularly if it is romantic and has a happy ending.

This fact helps explain why, month after month, Hollywood and television networks produce more and more romantic and situation comedies.

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Now Franciscan Brother Daniel Horan is comparing our relationship to God to that of a newly dating couple in his book, “Dating God: Live and Love in the Way of St. “Their expressions of their relationship with God, while not quite love letters, evoked images of the tenuousness, ambivalence, excitement, energy and passion of dating,” he told Catholic News Service.Ah, but before I go further, I feel as though I need to qualify that last sentence.While the generational divide is usually traversed by a diverse representation of different ages and from idealistic youth and young adults to the more narrowly focused and opinion-concretized geriatric crowd, there is very little racial and ethnic diversity represented. In addition to print publications, he is the instructor in an 18-part video lecture series titled, “The Saint and the Pope: What the Spirituality of Two Men Named Francis can Teach us about Christian Living,” produced by (2016).Bonaventure University and served as the Catholic chaplain at Babson College in Wellesley, Mass. Francis.” Brother Daniel, 28, thought of the dating imagery during a Franciscan workshop on the writings of St. Brother Daniel, a member of the Order of Friars Minor, challenges us to think of our relationship to God in a new way.

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