Consolidating company pensions


Consolidating helps to tidy up the paperwork and identify the value of total pension contributions and how much these are likely to provide at retirement.

From an organisational point of view this is a good thing.

An influential Parliamentary committee has said the UK government should foster the merger of final salary schemes to reduce the risk of future funding scandals.

A report published on December 21 by the Work and Pensions Committee has sought to learn lessons from the scandal which resulted from news of a £571 million funding gap at the BHS pension scheme earlier this year.

Given that you describe it as a small personal pension, it's also unlikely that your relative will lose any benefits by consolidating.

This is called consolidating your pensions, or pension switching.

A stakeholder pension is designed to provide a low-cost means of saving towards retirement over the long term.It said the Green Paper could facilitate scheme mergers by sweeping away the rules and regulations which get in the way.Harrington told the committee it was "desirable" to create "some kind of product or system where small sub-scale funds would be happy to put their members money and benefits".Russia’s mandatory second-pillar non-state pension funds (NPFs) face yet another moratorium on contributions in 2016, despite earlier promises to the contrary.However, the system is becoming more secure and transparent for its members, with the Bank of Russia, the central bank and pension fund regulator, closing down funds that fail to comply with legislation.Charges are very low, with annual management charges capped at a maximum 1.5% for the first 10 years.

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