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When you enter the restaurant it will look to you as a rich restaurant but, it is not as it looks. We had been there several times and we will be there again and again. The food was all tasty and there was more of it than we could finish. The waiter said that they had deserts but didn't suggest we try any (couldn't have, anyway). I'd go back, but we're leaving in a couple of days. After renovating the place and closing for few months it is open again.

You must check the bukharian dish (Ashpalau) and other authentic dishes. We love to eat lunch on weekends (Friday or Saturday). Lots of starters, great bread and great main course.

Refael Grill Bar is a Bukharian Restaurant and it is a Kosher one. Main dish was delicious- steak was perfect as was the chicken. Out came 8 or 9 salads, which were pretty good, followed by plates of manti (large meat-filled dumplings), Sambusa (meat-filled pastries), bakhash (meat with rice and some tasty spices) and osh plov (meat and rice cooked with onions and carrots, always oily.

To get an overview of the diverse array of Sephardic traditions, seven Sephardic Jews from the Moroccan, Iraqi, Bucharian and Indian traditions sat down with COR to share their heritage.

Ariel Picillo, Zev Saban, Nadine Bohbot and Naomi Sebbag are all Moroccan Jews living in the Toronto area.

Voles thrive on small plants, yet like shrews, they will eat dead animals, and like mice or rats, they can live on almost any nut or fruit.

Additionally, voles target plants more than most other small animals, making their presence evident.

If you are a couple ask to sit on the coach facing the beach.

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