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With the split occurring on their tour, it leaves fans wondering what’s in store for the band.Will Castrinos return to the band after the tour, or is this a not so temporary break up.This isn’t the first split since the band first formed in 2007.Jade Castrinos and Alexander Ebert first formed the band as a couple and later decided to end their relationship, but continued to make music together.If you were hoping to catch Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at any of their upcoming shows, it may or may not be incomplete.A show last night in Oaklahoma was apparently played without their lead female vocalist Jade Castrinos.

"My whole vision for Edward Sharpe to begin with was this merry band of pranksters or brothers and sisters; sort of this egalitarian ideal. For lead single "Hot Coals," the band constructed a seven-minute-plus epic that devolves from a mellow, acoustic-guitar-driven opening into a riotous, horn-inflected crescendo.But I was taking eight tenths of the song burden as far as songwriting and yet splitting evenly the money." To that end, Ebert had what seemed like a logical idea: He'd invite his entire band down to New Orleans, where he'd recently purchased a recording studio, and for the first time in their eight years together, they'd collectively write their new album. A good deal of the songs were written altogether." Oftentimes, Ebert says, band members would begin playing their respective instruments without any sense of where a song was headed. With a laugh, Ebert describes the track as "not a song that a high school band would try and cover."What was really amazing is that a band of 10 people managed to all sit around and have the patience to hack through chords and continue to the process of discovery altogether," Ebert says excitedly of Edward Sharpe's forthcoming new album, , due April 15th. "They felt the complete liberty to start playing however they were inspired, and I felt the complete liberty to stop them or shout out, ' Yes! I do think it's an epic, but what makes it great is not the songwriting but the playing," he says."The timing of the guitar strums and the timing of everything is the song. hanging on a single chord for a really long time." Similarly, "The Ballad of Yaya" swings with a lively gait, a direct reflection, Ebert says, of each band member not being afraid to speak his or her voice."My experience in the past was that I would have to be extraordinarily gentle and cautious about the way I would try and manipulate the songwriting if we were writing together," he explains.She took to Instagram to report that she had been fired via email.

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