Accommodating children special dietary needs school


Additional information is also available on the Special Education website Special Education website.

Students with IEP’s are required to submit an enrollment application if one of the following scenarios applies: Please note that any change in special education services must be made through the IEP team and finalized in the IEP.

The AR is designed so some aspects may be conducted off-site and other aspects on-site.

Under the off‐site component, the State Agency (SA) collaboratively works with the SFA to collect information 4-6 weeks prior to the on-site review and records it on an .

Our elected board members are selflessly dedicated to improving our school district.

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In order to continue to provide an excellent educational experience for our students and remain a point of pride in our community, we will remain focused on excellence in all we do.This tool allows the SA to gain a better understanding of SFA operations prior to the on‐site review, thus providing for a more collaborative and efficient review process.The following information includes school year (SY) 2016-17 materials to assist you in preparing for your AR.It is important that SFAs continue to have the option to accommodate children with special dietary needs that are not considered a disability.This includes those accommodations related to religious or moral convictions or personal preference.An IEP may include specialized academic instruction, related services, the use of supplementary aids and services, curriculum accommodations and modifications and a range of other services individually designed to provide educational benefit.

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